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In the 21st century, everything is quite literally at our fingertips. We can order dinner from our computers and have it delivered to our front door. With the touch of a button, we can shop online from our cell phones and have merchandise delivered to us anywhere in the world. Electronic conveniences are omnipresent.

The Wave of The Future

The next step in the advancing evolutionary chain of electronic convenience is Z-Wave Home Automation. Forgot to turn off the lights before you left for work? Wondering if you locked the front door? Can’t remember if you closed the garage? Not sure if you turned off the stove? Away for vacation and are concerned you left a faucet turned on? No problem – the solution to all these questions is, quite literally, at your fingertips!

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Z-Wave Network

Z-Wave is a wireless communications protocol used primarily for Home Automation. It is a mesh network that uses low-energy radio waves to communicate from apparatus to apparatus, allowing for wireless control of residential appliances and other devices, such as lighting control, security systems, thermostats, windows, locks, and garage door openers. In a mesh network, each device is a “repeater” and carries the Z-Waves from device to device.

Like other protocols and systems aimed at the home and office automation market, a Z-Wave system can be controlled via the Internet from a Smart phone, tablet or computer, and locally through a Smart speaker, wireless keyfob, or wall-mounted panel with a Z-Wave gateway or central control device serving as both the hub controller and portal to the outside. 

Z-Wave technology provides interoperability between home control systems of different manufacturers that are a part of an international alliance. Compatible products are identified with a “Z-Wave Plus” icon on their packaging.

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AIBase Technology

Discount Door Hardware.ca offers a growing selection of Artificial Intelligence Z-Wave Smart home solution products. The AIBase system operates with revolutionary Z-Wave technology and features remote control via cellular (3G/LTE) communication, 24/7 professional alarm monitoring, and self-adaptive intelligence. The AIBase Gateway unit is not much larger than a hockey puck and can be set up within a matter of minutes.

The AIBase is also designed to accept a standard SIM card to use as back-up or for locations where internet access is non-existent. The AIBase system can be integrated with hundreds of different devices and products to create peace of mind, control, safety and unparalleled comfort in the place that matters most – home.

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Z-Wave Products & Applications

There are currently over 2400 interoperable Z-Wave products available. Motion sensors, light sensors, door/window sensors, water leak sensors, water shut-off valves, sirens, Smart plugs and Smart bulbs and front door locks can all be interfaced to provide you with the ultimate network of convenience and safety. Some scenarios include:

  • Set time and schedule to turn on/off the water valve for flower watering
  • Auto lock your front door within a few seconds after leaving your home
  • Voice activated devices to control everything in your home
  • Video surveillance and audit trails
  • Turn lights on/off in your home while you are away on vacation
  • Operate curtain motor to open and close drapes while at home or away
  • Detect water leaks and shut off water via shut-off valve
  • Control numerous home devices via the Smart plug
  • Arm and disarm home alarm systems

Z-Wave technology offers secure and stable connections for 120 feet inside your property and for 300 feet outside; however, these distances may be extended by simply adding more devices, which will extend and strengthen the mesh network. Z-Wave technology offers good transmission, is anti-interference and uses significantly less power than other operating systems.

The AIBase system can accept over 20 users for one single gateway unit and can be interfaced with over 200 separate products, making it a very versatile and convenient system.

Discount Door Hardware Z-Wave Water Leak Sensor


Making Waves

Z-Wave technology and products are fairly recent innovations and new products are being developed continually. Within a few more years, there will be thousands of products available to interconnect for your home, cottage and business. Visit our Home Automation category to learn more about our line of Smart products or contact us if you have any questions about Z-Wave technology or product availability.