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Common Architectural Door Hardware Finishes – 630 or C32D?

There is a standardized table published by ANSI (American National Standards Institute) and BHMA (Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association) that provides detailed specifications with regards to the finishes of architectural door hardware.

Canadian numerical equivalents to the American standardized codes are prefixed with the letter “C”. Some hardware manufacturers use only the American coding, some manufacturers use only the Canadian coding and some use both.

This list is intended only as a quick reference guide, as some code numbers vary depending upon the base material that the product is manufactured from but, ultimately, the finish is the same. An example of this would be:

  • Satin Chrome finish on a base material of brass is coded as 626 – C26D
  • Satin Chrome finish on a base material of steel is coded as 652 – C26D

Below is a list of some common architectural finishes followed by the American and Canadian finish codes.

  • Stainless Steel – 630 – C32D
  • Satin Chrome – 626 – C26D
  • Polished (Bright) Chrome – 625 – C26
  • Satin Nickel – 619 – C15
  • Antique Nickel – 620 – C15A
  • Matte Black – 622 – C19
  • Satin Aluminum – 628 – C28
  • Oil Rubbed Bronze – 613 – C10B

It is worth noting that finishes will vary slightly from one manufacturer to the other. For example, one manufacturer’s antique nickel finish may be slightly darker than another’s.


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