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Door Hardware Installation Tips

Some people are technically inclined and are proficient with tools. Some people don’t know one end of a screwdriver from the other. Some people are not highly efficient with tools but can make up some of the shortfall by reading, understanding and following installation instructions very well.

It’s important to be honest with yourself and to know your capabilities and your limits.

Regardless of your skill-set, if you do decide to install your new door hardware on your own, observing the following suggestions will help make things easier for you.

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It is imperative that you have the proper tools at your disposal. Every project requires a specialized or specific set of tools and installing door hardware is no different! Be sure you are properly equipped to handle the task at hand by ensuring you have the proper tools.

Many door hardware manufacturer instruction sheets (both commercial and residential) provide a list of specific tools required to install that certain piece of hardware. If you don’t have some of the items required, make an effort to acquire them! It will make your life easier and it will help ensure that your new door hardware is installed correctly. Plus, you can never have enough tools. You will always find a use for them at some other time in the future.

Discount Door Hardware offers a growing selection of hand tools and accessories to help facilitate door hardware installations. We offer a convenient one-stop shopping experience that will save you both time and money!

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Instruction Sheets/Templates

The importance of following the instruction sheets or templates provided by the manufacturer cannot be overstated! If you don’t have a lot of experience working with tools or with door hardware, don’t assume you can “figure it out” just because it looks easy (or because you have a big ego.) Most types of hardware must be installed in a specific way and to very specific dimensions noted by the manufacturer; this is especially pertinent to door closers and panic hardware.

Take a few minutes before you begin, to familiarize yourself with your new hardware. Remove it from the box, examine and note the manufacturer’s names for all the parts and accessories and review the instructions sheets before you start the installation.

Proper Mindset & Environment

It’s never good to rush a job or to work while you are tired or stressed out. It is also unnerving and distracting to have someone standing over your shoulder second guessing your actions or offering their opinions. All of these aforementioned things can be even more problematic if you are not very experienced. Work only when you are alert and energetic. Enthusiasm will also enhance the installation experience. Try to enjoy the task at hand!

Also, try to perform all work during daylight hours whenever possible. Artificial lighting at night can cast shadows and make you tired quicker which invariably leads to errors and more problems.

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Common Installation Tips

Read the installation instructions thoroughly. It’s OK to read them a few times if necessary.

Always drill pilot holes before driving screws into wood doors or wood jambs (especially in HDF, MDF and hardwoods.)

Always double check your measurements: measure twice – cut once! (Unlike the old carpenter who said “three times I cut it and it’s still too short!”)

Do NOT use a cordless drill to tighten or drive screws on locksets! Use a hand-held screwdriver to ensure that you don’t strip, cross-thread or over-tighten the screws.

When drilling a door for a lockset or a deadbolt, drill from each face of the door and not through the door; otherwise, you risk splitting or damaging the faces of the door.

Always use the proper mounting hardware or fasteners supplied by the manufacturer. Some hardware includes fasteners for both wood and steel doors (like most door closers and exit devices, for example). Some hardware comes with multi-purpose screws which are suitable for installation into both wood and steel. Ensure that you use the correct fasteners for the job!

Invest in the correct tools needed for the job! There really is no substitute for a sharp chisel or the correct screwdriver and…

When all else fails, it’s OK to call a professional!